Owning an online boutique is fun…

Until you have to do your taxes.

Having a product based business adds a few layers of complications.

First of all, you’ve got to keep track of inventory and that means you have to also keep track of COGS (Cost of Goods Sold).

You’ve heard of it if you’ve done your taxes since opening your shop but do you understand it? Nope.

Do you think you’re doing it right? Nope.

And seriously, let’s talk fees because it’s almost like you’re just getting nickel & dimed–they just don’t seem to add up and you really don’t even know if you’re making money.

Tracking your profit is even more important because you’re not just providing a service–you’re providing a physical product that actually costs money, and if you’re a maker, you’re also providing your time.

All of that is about to change because I’ve created specific tools and trainings to give you clarity into your profit, an easy way to manage inventory, and an understanding of how to correctly do your taxes.

The Financial Apothecary has the best and only tools you’ll ever need for to manage finances, taxes, & inventory for your Etsy shop & product-based business.


If you own an Etsy shop or an online boutique that sells physical products, this is for you.

When you have physical products, inventory management is essential. The problem is, you just never get around to it because as a shop owner, you’re busier than the average service-based entrepreneur.

If you’re someone who offers both products and services, this is definitely for you because the tools inside of this program have the capability to manage both and give you what you need to max out your profits while also lowering your taxes.

When you realize how much your profit is once and for all, you’re able to adjust your prices accordingly.

Many shop owners at this stage will realize that they haven’t been making as much money as they thought. Having this insight is especially important as a product based business because your costs are higher than service based businesses.

When you feel confident that you’re doing your taxes correctly and you have the documentation to back it up, you remove a major money block.

Taxes are a major source of stress for any business owner and what happens is it stifles their growth. You’re subconsciously afraid to make more money because let’s be real, you know the IRS doesn’t mess around and you seriously don’t want any trouble with them.

Getting rid of this money block is a piece of cake when you follow the trainings inside of this program. Time to say hello to more sales.

Having clarity into your inventory and knowing exactly how much of each item you’re selling helps you to be more efficient with your purchases or your hand-made items. You’re no longer guessing what your best sellers are or wondering if you should make more of one item or more of another… now you know.

This is the kind of insight that allows you to anticipate the needs & wants of your customers so that you end up with less waste. As a product based business, when you have waste like this–too much inventory–you lose money.

We’re not gonna let that happen anymore.


When you enroll in The Financial Apothecary, you get IMMEDIATE & LIFETIME ACCESS to all this:

Section 1: >>

This section is all about tracking your income & expenses in the most streamlined and accurate way ever. Download your Premium 2021 Income & Expense tracker complete with a dashboard that gives you automatically updated at a glance views of your entire enterprise so that you can have a solid foundation for the success of your business.

Section 2: >>

Managing inventory has never been easier. In this section, you’ll understand everything you need to know about COGS and get the Premium Inventory Management tool to easily keep track of this for taxes. This section also gives you exclusive access to the Etsy Mass Import Template which allows you to seamlessly import an entire month’s worth of transactions into your income & expense tracker with just a few clicks. Etsy fees are no longer a mystery–this tool has solved that problem once and for all.

Section 3: >>

Now that you have a solid foundation for the past and the present of your business, it’s time to think about the future. In this section, you’ll download your Premium 2021 Forecast so that you can start creating intentional sales goals and plan for the future success of your online boutique.


The Rebel Babe Project:

Within this training, you’ll learn all about the legal side of business so that you can run your empire the way you want. Enough googling and asking around about whether an LLC or S Corp is right for you. In here, you’ll get all of those answers, see all of your options, and be able to decide for yourself what the best business structure is for you. You’ll get access to an amazing daily sales tracker, learn how to pay yourself, and create a business that is truly indestructible.

Crazy Sexy Cash VIP:

Get the best-selling quick-start VIP package completely free included in this program. This badass mini course comes with its own beautiful income & expense tracker, a quick-start masterclass that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know, plus my e-book: Deluxe Money Strategies for Badass High Achievers.



The sense of ease and flow that you feel when you have all of this finally setup trickles down into all aspects of your life. When you’re less stressed, you’re happier and that shows in your customer service, your social posts, your over-all life.

You created your shop because you just wanted to enrich people’s lives with your hand made products or with the careful curation of products in your online boutique. But this taxes shit is another layer of stress that you just don’t need and as much as you love your store, you’ve asked yourself if it was all worth it.

You wonder–am I even making money? It’s a defeating feeling and it’s straight up sad.


This is your solution.

The Financial Apothecary will quite literally change your entire life.

You’re no longer wondering if you’re making money–you know you are.

You no longer fear taxes--you’re confident that you’re doing your part and that you have all your documentation lined up.

You no longer stress out about how much inventory to have on hand–you can easily spot trends and make or buy exactly as much inventory as you need.

Here’s what will happen if you continue avoiding your finances–you’ll lose money, you’ll pay more taxes, and then you’ll close your shop.

I’ve seen it happen. The stress, the low profit, trying to figure out the fees, ending up with so much waste–it’s just not worth it. If you want a successful online boutique, having your numbers in order is the priority.

You need your workflows to be easy. You don’t have time to waste and you certainly don’t have money to waste either.

I’m Alexis and I’m a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and I also had an Etsy shop for a few years. I love Etsy. I’m super crafty. I love making things and people loved buying my things. So trust me, I know the deal when it comes to having an online boutique–and I know full well how complicated and time consuming a business like this can be. Because I have the knowledge of what it takes to own a hand made business and I know how to do taxes for an online boutique, I can help you make all of this actually feel good. Over the last 13 years, I’ve worked with small business owners to help them make sense of their numbers. With this insight, they’re able to make more informed decisions which leads to a sustainable and successful business. I’ve also worked closely with several of my Etsy clients and I’ve created tools that have made their lives so easy. They are relieved. Instead of spending time worrying about whether they are even making money, or feeling that twinge of guilt when they buy a new inventory item, or cringing every time tax season rolls around, they spend their time being creative and feeling inspired. Numbers and taxes and inventory just aren’t a source of stress for them anymore.

The programs inside of House of Enchanted Finance have helped countless business owners become financially literate, feel confident around taxes, and feel empowered with the growth and success of their enterprise. It’s now time for Etsy shop & online boutique owners to have this.

If managing your numbers is not sustainable, your business absolutely will fail. That’s just a fact. You’ll lose money month over month, you’ll pay more in taxes, you’ll waste inventory, the cash flow eventually diminishes and there goes that. But with the tools and trainings inside of this program, managing your inventory, your sales and expenses, and your taxes actually feels good.

Having a sustainable and easy way to manage inventory, taxes, and profit is important for any business, but as a product-based business, it’s even more important for this to be streamlined.

You don’t have time to waste. You don’t have money to waste. This needs to be easy for you.

Are you ready for your money medicine?



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