The Masterclass That Will Change Your Life

Inside of this 90 minute masterclass you’ll discover an accessible, realistic, and empowering method for budgeting that will revolutionize how you think about budgeting and you’ll wonder how on earth you ever lived without it.

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Traditionally, budgets are restrictive. 

But I’m here to give you new perspectives.

Inside of Prophecy we break through society’s conditioning around money so that you can experience expansiveness.

Old school budgeting methods keep us small. They keep us overwhelmed. They keep us avoidant and confused and unclear.

What I’m here to provide for you is safety, freedom, confidence, and flexibility with your money—both personal and business.

Prophecy is the forecasting method that I’ve personally used as a CPA for over a decade. I’ve perfected it over the years and now I’m sharing the method with you

You get to achieve your financial goals in a way that feels good.

The phrase ‘living beyond your means’ is a shame tactic used by those who never had to do that to put food on the fucking table.

Inside of Prophecy, we get to release the shame of having debt, not saving “enough”, being shamed for “living beyond our means” or spending “too much money” on something you desire to spend money on.

You get to feel empowered and confident with your spending–not shamed.

In this masterclass, you learn how to break free from the societal expectations and standards around money that kept you small and full of shame and avoidance and you get to step into a new era of financial empowerment like you’ve never felt before. 

This masterclass uses both yin and yang components to ensure that you feel comforted and nurtured rather than shamed. I use tarot, elemental aspects, and energetic perspective shifts to help you break free and then I show you exactly what to do on the practical side to bring your financial prophecy to life.

My unique budgeting method gives you a sustainable way for you to create your future and actually live in alignment with how you desire to be living.

We’re not going to be shamed any more.

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Regular Price

Sponsorship Price. This helps offset the below cost price.

This is for the people who feel like they’re living paycheck to paycheck.

Money is tight. You can’t seem to pay off the debt, you receive money and wonder where it goes, you feel like you’re scraping by yet you also feel like you’re doing everything right so what gives?

When you’re in this state of low cashflow, you need a practical, easy, and sustainable way to see into the future of your cashflow so that you can make adjustments, make plans, and forge a path towards abundance.

This is for the people who feel like they have an abundance of money.

More money than you know what to do with can easily create leaks in your life—subscriptions you don’t use, overspending on random things you don’t even align with, double spending on things you already have that you don’t want—these are resources that could be used to give more to charity, to take more trips, to invest, to buy your dream home, to ultimately do what you want with but they’re being stolen by apathy.

So often when you’re in a state of abundance, you’re left wondering where did it all go? It’s too easy to not be intentional with every dollar because frankly, you don’t have to be. But when you desire to make big plans, big money moves, and be intentional with your cash, this forecasting method is the solution.

When you feel financially empowered, your life changes. 

Cash is our most important resource. Time is arguably more important but let’s be real, more cash = more time freedom. Less cash = less time freedom.

Being able to intentionally use your resources means you hit those financial goals faster.

You might have:

♥ debt payoff goals

♥ savings goals

♥ business goals

♥ investing goals

♥ vacation goals

♥ mansion goals

♥ or maybe your current goal is to just being able to not fucking scrape by anymore and to stop feeling shame for eating a luxurious meal or buying the shoes (those were my shame spots).

Whatever your financial goal is, how would you feel if you actually got there–and got there fast?

Rather than feeling like you’re in this perpetual state of purgatory where you feel like you’re working towards a financial goal but the goal post keeps fucking moving.

What if you received the guidance, compassion, and practical steps to be able to achieve these goals now? Sit in that vibe for a second.

The world needs you to be financially empowered. The world—now more than ever—needs you to be intentional with your cash.

The world needs you to feel confident about your money.

Pay what you can & get INSTANT ACCESS to watch the masterclass NOW!

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Sponsorship Price. This helps offset the below cost price.

Do you have vague money goals?

Do you know how much you’re spending on groceries or gas or in your business or do you kind of just have a vague idea?

Are you afraid of what you’ll find when you actually sit down to look at your finances?

In the 90 minute Prophecy masterclass, your financial goals transform from vague, mediocre, and accidental to specific intentional goals that are realistic enough that you get to surpass these goals quicker.

In this masterclass, I show you how to release the fear, the overwhelm, the chaotic & frantic energy, the avoidance. And I teach you how to replace them with strength, courage, confidence, freedom, safety, flexibility, compassion, and financial empowerment.

You get to create your future and when you use your resources—ahem, your cash—intentionally, you’re able to fulfill your financial prophecy faster.

In this masterclass, I will change your life.

Here’s what we cover inside of the 90 minute Prophecy masterclass:

At the end of each part, I pull a tarot card to guide you through action steps and journaling inspiration.


In this section I tell you about the shame and debt that I accumulated over the years and what perspective shifts I made to break free.

Part 1: The Message:

Important perspective shifts that will help you to give the finger to society and feel confident making your own rules around money.

Part 2: The Underworld:

Here we dive into the depths and discover how a realistic budget–which we now call forecast–can transform your life in the best way. RIP old budget methods.

Part 3: The Ritual:

This section is dedicated to your cashflow rituals and you’ll get the deets on everything you need to know to integrate this method into your life successfully.

Part 4: Your Prophecy

Now it’s time to get it done. Go on with your bad self. Here you get guidance, best practices, and the practical steps you’ll want to take to create your future.

BONUS Tarot spread!

You get an exclusive tarot spread that you can use to help guide you when you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or shame.


There are a couple of other extra surprises in here for you! And more may be added.

Pay what you can & get INSTANT ACCESS to watch the masterclass NOW!

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Sponsorship Price. This helps offset the below cost price.

You could keep avoiding your finances, you could keep manifesting money just at the last minute when you need it, you could keep feeling overwhelmed. But wouldn’t you rather just break free?

Inside of Prophecy I show you that breaking free does not have to involve struggle.

When you’re in a state of financial chaos, it shows up everywhere. The reason being that cash is our most important resource.

Without money, what can you have? Nothing.

We work so hard for so long just to scrape by and we’re all fucking sick of it. So I invite you to take my hand and crawl out of this hole once and for all.

Let me show you the way.

I’m Alexis! As a CPA—a money expert—you’d think I’m living this life where I have no debt… But I’m not immune to society’s constructs, restraints, and conditioning. So many of us sit here making “smart” decisions only to end up in a ton of debt and then be shamed for it–me included. We do everything “right” only to get fucked over. But all of that is about to change for you just like it did for me.

I didn’t grow up swimming in money. I’m a first generation college kid. I come from an immigrant family. We had to work. We had to restrict. We were shamed for debt. Society said go to college so I did. Society said get a good job so I did. Job security was important so I had it—until it was stolen from me.

Being a money expert only made me see more clearly that I needed to find a way out of this upside down mess.

It’s not like I made bad choices and neither did you so why the fuck do we feel shame for having debt, for not saving enough, for buying things or doing what we want with our money?

There were 2 times in my life when I was dead broke and it’s because of this budgeting & forecasting method that I was able to get out of it—twice. 

Having a financial goal is normal, but shaming or overly restricting yourself to get there is not required.

In the Prophecy masterclass, I take you through my own journey of shame and debt. I show you how I dealt with it and how this led to the creation of the forecasting & budgeting method that will change your life.

Are you ready? Pay what you can below

Pay what you can & get INSTANT ACCESS to watch the masterclass NOW!

Below Cost

Regular Price

Sponsorship Price. This helps offset the below cost price.


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About Alexis

Alexis is a CPA, the founder of Pink Moon Financial, LLC, and the creator of House of Enchanted Finance. She is dedicated to helping fast-growing businesses as well as startups to maximize their business profits. Using easy to understand methods, Alexis has helped women gain confidence in their business finances and has helped them scale to the next level. She provides comprehensive trainings and setup services for startups to be able to maintain their own accounting easily, and provides fast growing companies with complete outsourced solutions so they can focus on what they do best. Through her training and services, she saves entrepreneurs tons of time, money, and stress.