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A comprehensive self paced program that covers everything you need to know to intelligently run the finance & tax side of your business while also honoring your vibes & intuition.

This program is specifically and intentionally designed to balance the yin and the yang.

Get the tools, the training, the structure, and the knowledge.

But also get the meditations, journaling prompts, tarot spreads, and gentle suggestions for making this process feel aligned.

You’ve never felt nurtured around finances—until now.

If you’re someone who has struggled with actually keeping up with your bookkeeping—despite the guilt and shame you put yourself through, this is for you.

Empress is about honoring your unique methods for getting things done.

If you ever felt overwhelmed or paralyzed by trying to get your money in order…

If you ever felt shame or told yourself, you “should” be updating your finances regularly…

If you’ve tried several times to get your finances in order but it never seems to stick…

this is for you.

Empress is all about changing your perspective, reminding you that there is no “should”, and helping you to create money management + bookkeeping workflows that are:

💫 sustainable for your lifestyle

💫 in alignment with your unique goals

💫 custom designed to feel good.

If you’re someone who honors yourself fully and completely–the shadow and the light, the masculine and the feminine, the yin and the yang–this is for you.

Inside of Empress, we go deep to fundamentally shift the way you think about taxes and finances.

We use the yin to enhance the yang.

We honor the feelings, focus on feeling good, and in turn create structures that align with these feelings so that you come full circle in financial empowerment.

At the end of the day, if it isn’t something that feels good, you’re either not going to do it or you’ll feel some type of way about doing it—you might force yourself, which never feels good, you might feel guilty about how messy your finances are, you might feel shame because society says you “should” know how to handle your money better than that—and that’s not the vibe. Society never taught you financial literacy. The constructs were literally made to keep you small and basically set you up for financial failure. Yet here you are still killing it even with messy finances…

And that’s the thing. As a being of the universe, you’re always supported. You don’t need perfectly organized finances to succeed—you’re out here already succeeding with messy AF finances and all. Somehow it always works out and that’s because you know that’s your truth—you are always supported and everything always works out for you.

But, there might be a layer of uncertainty, guilt, shame…

the “should” vibes, that just don’t fit with the way you live your life.

You desire to feel confident and empowered with your finances. And that’s why I created Empress.


Limited Time Fast Action DISCOUNT!

Use the code MYSTIC777 for 50% off!

Inside of this course, we do the meditations, we tap into our intuitions, we journal—we go deep. And then we use this self-awareness to create aligned processes for organizing your finances and stepping into your full empress power in the realm of finances. Inside of this course, we transform you into a badass money boss. And we do it in a way that is not forceful, does not involve shame or guilt, but rather requires a gently self awareness and tons of grace.

There are no rules and there is no should.

Empress gives you all of the financial knowledge you need to setup the financial side of your business

+ gives you the tools to make it easy

+ gives you the mindset work to go back to every time you feel stuck or overwhelmed.

Understand WHY you get stuck around taxes and make the small mindset shifts that result in massive inspired action that then leads to fast success + quicker money manifestations.

I integrate the yin and the yang to ensure that you become a financially literate money boss.

I help you become financially literate in a nurturing way.

And then, you become the Empress—helping yourself to continually shift away from financial stress and into financial empowerment while also being able to nurture yourself.

Yeah you know what you “should” do—but there is no should. 

Ultimately, you’re someone who does what they want to do a lot more than what you “should” do. You’re not going to do something that feels fucking terrible just because you “should”. No. 

You need the inspiration and the desire to fuel your actions—and your current successes are a result of you operating this way. 

You do things your way. You know your worth. You have solid boundaries. You can’t be fucked with. 

But then you sit down every tax season and feel fucked with—your energy drains, you feel those scarcity feelings, the uncertainty—things you’ve already worked through creeping back into your life.

Empress is the program that dissolves these feelings once and for all and replaces them with the most divine level of empowerment.

When these feelings creep up around taxes or finance, you’ll have the tools and methods to shift out of that uncertain vibe and shift back into the financial Empress vibes.

In addition to having the metaphysical & mindset toolbox, you’ll also have the tangible + psychical tools to keep track of your finances in a practical sense.

What this creates for you is a way to perpetually feel like a financial boss—forever.

Taxes and finances will never be a source of stress because if ever you feel stressed around them again, you’ll know exactly what to do to transform that financial stress into empowerment.

You learn how to give yourself grace in all your financial decisions—past, present, and future.


Limited Time Fast Action DISCOUNT!

Use the code MYSTIC777 for 50% off!

To feel nurtured, understood, confident, and empowered with your financial decisions is life changing.

You have big goals and big plans and you know that it’s only a matter of time before you’re forced into being financially literate, paying more taxes, and making big investments in your business—but what would it mean for you if it didn’t have to be overwhelming, forceful, or scary?

What would it mean if you could learn the basics of taxes, understand your options, and keep track of your money in a way that feels good?

What if you could give yourself grace?

Allow yourself to do this whole finance thing your way?

Create methods for you to make financial decisions that feel good for you—not what some guru says?

The truth about taxes and finances and bookkeeping is that there are options. 

And when you’re able to understand your options, you can make the decisions that are best for you. It’s all uphill from there. 

You choose what to invest your money in. 

You’re intentional about your sales goals. 

You’re strategic with your taxes. 

Now, your entire business—even the financial aspect is in a powerful intentional alignment with your ultimate desires.

Here’s everything you get:

The Trainings: Each training comes with a Yin aspect including meditations, tarot spreads, & journal prompts and a Yang aspect that includes action steps & tools to get it all done with ease.

Module 1: Foundations & Feeling Safe

Understand how to remove the fear and overwhelm around your finances, learn in a way that feels good, and take actions that feel inspired. Meditation: Feel Safe With Money

Module 2: Abundance & Power

Knowing the future of your cashflow provides you with the confidence and clarity to make intelligent business decisions that are in alignment with your goals. Find out the best way to budget + how to pay yourself. Meditation: Make Money In Your Sleep

Module 3: Confident Decisions

Get an understanding of the various business structures (LLC, Sole Proprietor, and S-Corp) and discover which is right for you now and in the future. Feel confident that you know exactly what you need for taxes + how to save and how to keep track of your deductions with ease. Meditation: Stepping Into Your Empress Power.

Module 4: Personal finance & Debt

Apply these bookkeeping concepts to your personal finances & setup a sustainable way for paying down debt + remove shame around having debt in the first place. Meditation: Getting Rid Of The Fear Around Money

Module 5: Taxes & Clarity

Learn how to read your tax return, how 1099s will affect you, how you should file taxes, tracking deductions, and everything in between.


Limited Time Fast Action DISCOUNT!

Use the code MYSTIC777 for 50% off!

Taxes don’t just go away—they will always be here and as long as you desire to be an entrepreneur, it’ll serve you to learn the basics so that you can save taxes and be strategic with what you want to spend your money on.

The sooner you get access to this financial knowledge, the quicker you feel good about it, the faster you can manifest, and you become insanely confident in your business decisions.

You of course have always made the right decisions—every decision is divinely inspired and guided and knowing your numbers simply enhances this.

Financial stress goes away, tax season just becomes no big deal, and your business is that much more powerful for it.

I’m a personal development junkie, a spiritual badass, I’m obsessed with metaphysics + astrology + tarot, and I’m also a Certified Public Accountant.

I wanted to discover a way to integrate my love for the “yang”—the structures, the processes with my love of the “yin”—the meditations, sound baths, journaling, and spirituality, and so, Empress was born. This program took a long time to create because it’s infused with inspiration–I only ever worked on it when I felt called and my guides insisted. Every aspect of this program is divinely channeled.

As a CPA, I turn financially overwhelmed women into badass money bosses—and I’ve been doing this for over a decade.

Money is what I do.

I got a bachelors and masters both in accounting, I worked in the corporate world as an accountant, and since 2017 I’ve worked in the online space, helping startups as well as established business owners to become financially literate, get strategic with taxes, and make money moves in their business and personal lives.

Teaching money strategies is what I’ve done for years and now I’m very excited to provide financial trainings that are integrated with magick.

There’s duality in everything—even in saying that. 

When you’re able to integrate both the yin and the yang, magic happens. 

When you can trust your intuition around financial decisions and have an unshakable confidence around your finances—and create this in a way that honors your full self, it’s magical.

Being financially literate and having a bookkeeping & tax strategy that feels good will change your life. 

Feeling this confident about your cash will change your life.


Are you ready?


Limited Time Fast Action DISCOUNT!

Use the code MYSTIC777 for 50% off!

About Alexis

Alexis is a CPA, the founder of Pink Moon Financial, LLC, and the creator of House of Enchanted Finance. She is dedicated to helping fast-growing businesses as well as startups to maximize their business profits. Using easy to understand methods, Alexis has helped women gain confidence in their business finances and has helped them scale to the next level. She provides comprehensive trainings and setup services for startups to be able to maintain their own accounting easily, and provides fast growing companies with complete outsourced solutions so they can focus on what they do best. Through her training and services, she saves entrepreneurs tons of time, money, and stress.


*Note that all spreadsheets are formatted for Microsoft Excel (Windows or Mac desktop/laptop full version). Any other applications may have a limited experience. Most have been able to use the spreadsheets inside of Google Sheets successfully, but some formatting may be lost & full functionality cannot be guaranteed. All tax concepts discussed are based on US tax law. *No refunds. *House of Enchanted Finance (Formerly BossLady Academy) grants you a limited non-exclusive non-transferable license to view, copy, download, and/or print any products and/or e-courses you purchase from HouseofEnchantedFinance.com (Formerly BossLadyAcademy.com) solely for your personal, non-commercial use. You agree that you will not use the contents of and materials in any products and/or e-courses you purchase from HouseofEnchantedFinance.com (Formerly BossLadyAcademy.com) to create or improve a competing product or service. Please read the terms above for more info.

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