The masterclass that will change your life.Inside of this 90 minute masterclass you’ll discover an accessible, realistic, and empowering method for budgeting that will revolutionize how you think about budgeting and you’ll wonder how on earth you ever lived without it.

The best quick-start program for getting your finances organized FAST. Learn the exact strategies that you need to have in place, plus get an income & expense tracker + so much more!

Cash Empire provides an easy way for you to run your business like a Queen. It is the only program that gives you access to the premium automated spreadsheets that have the capabilities to sustain your business to 6 figures and beyond. Learn how to use your numbers to make empowered decisions and take inspired action for the future success of your business. Also includes several other programs as a bonus!

The one that incorporates money mindset with practical steps. The yin and the yang. It’s a comprehensive 6 week money program that covers everything you need to know to intelligently run the finance & tax side of your business while also honoring your vibes and intuition. 

The one that is all about goal setting, habit tracking, and achieving goals in a sustainable way–and more importantly, YOUR way. Get access to ALL of the tools because money and resources are a big part of achieving your goals. We lay the foundation and build build build!


Just the tools. Functional, easy to use, and beautiful tools to make sense of your numbers. This bundle includes an income & expense tracker, forecast/budget, sales tracker, and a debt payoff tracker–get one or get them all and stop worrying and stressing when tax season rolls around. Get your finances organized, make tax season a breeze, and get clarity into your numbers–fast.


Hi! I’m Alexis and I’m a CPA, pizza lover, planner addict, astrology obsessed, mom, wife, boss, and total goofball!

I’ve worked with small businesses for over a decade, creating effective money management procedures that provide immense value and help business owners understand the impact that their decisions have on their bottom line. I work with women in business and have helped modern day online entrepreneurs to understand just how powerful accounting can be. Using easy to understand methods, I take these business owners from feeling unsure and overwhelmed with accounting and taxes to feeling confident and empowered in their procedures, business decisions, and long term success. Read more about me and my journey here.


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